The World

“Look up. Can you see the stars? Probably not because you’re sitting at a computer.”

-Ronald Clay

The Vindication of Ronald Clay and Other Fables for a Rainy Day

is a film, produced by Donald Revolinsk and written and directed by Cullen Thomas.

It is available for free from Vimeo and on this website.

Please remember, it’s best enjoyed in a dark room, with good sound, and great company.

Welcome to the cosmic cafe. Here you will find good jazz, great conversation and always, always coffee. People come and go from here to the farthest reaches. It’s not unusual to see politicians, gangsters, hats and cats of every  kind, even a few gods.

Enjoy the ambiance. See if you can harvest a good idea or two. But whatever you do, don’t ever get caught eavesdropping.



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